Community Response

Independent  survey of Mottram residents and Hyde shopkeepers regarding New District Centre plans

Reasons the community gave for opposing it

The reasons for opposing it are as follows.

  • 90 % of residents say it will attract more traffic, bringing air and noise pollution;
  • 89 % say that the plans do not cater mainly for the local community’s interests;
  • 85 % say there will be more light pollution, smells, rubbish and vermin;
  • 79 % say Tameside’s health record is already poor, so yet more fast food outlets will make matters worse;
  • 74 % say that yet more wildlife habitats will be lost – with this site being part of an important migration corridor.
  • Another common objection is that the old District Centre location was more central for Hattersley – more facilities are needed there (55 %). There are concerns that night-time deliveries will disturb sleep (40 %). This concern is relatively higher for residents nearer to the development.
  • All respondents on the floodplain in Broadbottom are concerned of the flooding risk from flash floods in Hurst Clough, draining from the development.

How would the community like the site to be developed?

  • 70 %  of residents would like a Park or landscaped green area there for walking and other recreation.
  • 66 % saw the need for a centre for youth activities, especially in the evenings, with facilities for indoor games;
  • 58 % felt the need for more open space for children to play games;
  • 52 % would like a centre for mixing socially, with activities e.g. dancing;
  • 55 % saw the value of allotments;
  • 52 % would like small, independent shops with friendly local shopkeepers who care for and know their customers;
  • 53 % – children’s playground;
  • 40 % – an outdoor market-place area for market traders, farmers’ market, outdoor social gatherings, etc.