Tameside Health Facts

Tameside Council’s website states:

“For overall premature deaths, Tameside is ranked 138th out of 150 Local Authorities in England

For premature deaths from heart disease and stroke, Tameside is ranked 145th out of 150 Local Authorities in England.

Life expectancy at birth and healthy life expectancy for both males and females is lower than the England average (75.9 years males, 80.5 years females).

Life expectancy locally is 10.4 years lower for men and 8.8 years lower for women in the most deprived areas of Tameside compared to the least deprived areas.

Health and well-being of people in Tameside is generally worse than the England average.

Tameside and Glossop have the 4th highest recorded level of diabetes in Greater Manchester which is also higher than both the England and North West average.  Tameside has a higher than average mortality rate from diabetes.   [In the borough] 24,000 people with diabetes are dying unnecessarily each year from causes that could be avoided through better management of their condition.

Obesity is the biggest threat to health and well-being for Tameside residents. Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer of people in Tameside.”

Source: www.tameside.gov.uk/publichealthreports/localview.pdf

We ask: in view of these statistics, should TMBC be advocating another fast food outlet in the Hattersley area?